COVID-19 Tracker Gujarat

Today we want to talk about COVID-19 Tracker Gujarat . We will know how we can see live updates about the corona of Gujarat. The government has created an official website on which they display the Corona figures. This tells us what the reality is.

Nowadays we see that different types of things are going on on social media about the corona. But what the truth is, no one can tell. With this news, we do not know what is the truth.

The name of this official website is COVID-19 Tracker Gujarat | According to each district on this website, you can see how much is the case and how many have been discharged. The information given on this website is true. Therefore you should use this website.

  • This website has some special things like,
  • You can download the Excel file of the total report.
  • There is also a map which tells how many areas are affected by the corona.
  • The government also posts PDF of the full day report.

In this way, you can see live updates of any area of ​​Gujarat state sitting at your home. Hope you like this post. Share this with your friends and loved ones so that they too can see the live updates.