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Dear Ojas Adda Readers, Today we bring Gujarat Manav Garima Yojna Online Application Form and Details for You.

The purpose of the scheme

Individuals who want to start a small business are given self-employed business-employment kits.

Terms and Conditions

  • The age limit of the applicant should be 18 to 60 years.
  • People belonging to Scheduled Castes whose annual limit is ₹ 120,000 in rural areas and ₹ 150,000 in urban areas.
  • There is no income limit for the most backward castes among the Scheduled Castes.

Tool kits are provided for a total of 4 types of business. (List is as follows.)

  • Masonry
  • Sentencing work
  • Vehicle servicing and repairing
  • Cobbler
  • Tailoring
  • Embroidery
  • Pottery
  • Different types of ferries
  • Plumber
  • Beauty parlor
  • Repairing electric appliances
  • Agricultural blacksmith / welding work
  • Carpentry
  • Laundry
  • Created broom supada
  • Milk-yogurt seller
  • Fish seller
  • Papad creation
  • Pickle making
  • Hot, cold drinks, snack sales
  • Puncture kit
  • Floor mill
  • Spice mill
  • Making a Divet of Rs. (Sisters of Sakhi Mandal)
  • Mobile repairing
  • Paper cup and dish making (Sakhimandal)
  • Hair cutting
  • Pressure Cooker for Cooking (Beneficiaries of Ujjawala Gas Connection)

Document to be submitted

  • aadhar card
  • Ration card
  • Proof of Residence (Electricity Bill / License / Lease Agreement / Election Card)
  • Example of applicant’s gender
  • Example of annual income
  • Evidence of study
  • Proof of having taken business oriented training

Appy Online Links

  1. Application Form
  2. Application Attachments
  3. Apply Now

e-SamajKalyan Portal

The main task of the Government of Gujarat’s Social Justice & Empowerment Department is to ensure the Economic development and Empowerment of persons belonging to Society’s underprivileged sections.

  • Scheduled Castes
  • Developing Castes
  • Socially and Economically Backward Classes
  • Minority communities
  • Physically and mentally challenged persons


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    1. Gas cooker repairing

      1. Raval mahendra bhai lalabhai


  1. Bhavna t solanki

    12thpass Bhavna t Solanki aad , Mangleswar japa ramji tempal meyer manvi main rod vadodara gujarat

  2. Bhavna t solanki

    Peon job

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      1. પ્રજાપતિ અશોક ભાઈ મણાભાઈ

        માટી કામકાજ માટે મશીન જોવે છે પ્રજાપતિ કુંભાર માટી બનાવવાનું મશીન ચાકડો જોવે છે

  4. Bharat Sodvadiya

    મીની ટેકટર

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  6. રાકેશ.બી.પરમાર.વેલ્ડીંગ કરીગર

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    ચાની હોટલ માટે રેકડી

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    સંગીતા જીતેન્દ્ર લુહાર સંગીતા લોહાર

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  10. સંગીતા લોહાર

    સંગીતા લુહાર દરજી કામ ના સાધનો

  11. સેન્ટીંગ માટે નું કામ

  12. Ghelani dharmesh

    માસીના સિલાઈ કામ

  13. Tailored

  14. Gas cooker repairing lari saman

  15. Vehicle servicing and repairig

    Vehicle servicing and repairig

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